Dream your home in 5 steps!

Looking to design your home interiors? Here you know how it works.

Meet your designer

  • It all begins with a form

The more we learn about you, the better we can design your home.

  • Get free consultation

Talk to your designer and get personalised designs and quote for your dream home.

Book THS

  • Pay the booking amount to seal the deal

Once you’re happy with what we’ve proposed, pay 5% of the final quote* or Rs.25000 (whichever is higher) to book us.

  • Finalise your home design

It’s time to deep dive into the nitty-gritties. Pick your favorite materials and finishes.

Place the order

  • Start the order process with 50% payment

Finalise the design, and your project is now off to a good start.

  • Work commences

Civil work begins on site. Keep a tab on your project status on ‘My Account’.

Execution and installation

  • Pay 100% at execution milestone

Manufacturing of orders in process and you’re mid-way through your project.

  • Installation

Orders get delivered on-site and installation happens as per design

Move in!

Your dream home is now a reality! It’s time to make new memories! Do avail the free professional photoshoot session of your #Trendhousestudio

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I ensure that the interior designing website I choose is reputable and trustworthy?
  • Before focusing on any interior designing website, make certain to explore their qualifications, read client tributes, and audit their arrangement of past projects. You can likewise check assuming they are partnered with any expert associations or have gotten any industry grants or acknowledgment. Moreover, planning an underlying counsel can allow you an opportunity to evaluate their correspondence style, incredible skill, and similarity with your task objectives.

2. Can interior designing websites help with specific rooms or areas of my home?

  • Totally. Whether you want assistance with a single room like the kitchen or bathroom, or you’re hoping to update your entire home, inside planning websites can fit their administrations to meet your particular requirements and preferences.

3. Do I need to be located in the same city as the interior designing website to work with them?

  • Not really. Numerous interior designing sites offer virtual plan administrations where discussions, plan introductions, and project management can be in every way led from a distance. In any case, a few firms might like to work with clients in their area
    in-person gatherings and site visits.

4. Can interior designing websites work with my existing furniture and decor?

  • Indeed, numerous interior designing websites are adaptable and can work with your current furnishings and stylistic layout to integrate them into the new plan. They can likewise give suggestions to extra parts of supplement your current products.

5. How long does it take to complete an interior design project with a website?

  • The events for finishing an interior design project can differ contingent on variables like the intricacy of the projects, the accessibility of materials, and the client’s inclinations. A straightforward overhaul could require half a month, while a greater remodel could require a while.

6. How much do interior designing services from websites typically cost?

  • The expense of interior designing services can fluctuate broadly contingent upon elements, for example, the size of the space, the size of the space, the level of customization required, and the standing of the design firm. It’s ideal to evaluate prices during the underlying meeting to get a superior consultation of the expenses in costs involved.

7. How do I get started with an interior designing website?

  • To get everything rolling, essentially browse the website’s portfolio to get a feeling of their style and skill. Then, connect with them through their contact form or email to plan an initial interview where you can talk about your project requirements, budget plan, and course of events.

8. What services do interior designing websites typically offer?

  • Interior designing websites frequently offer a scope of services including conceptualization, space arranging, furniture determination, material obtaining, a variety of options, project the executives, and even turnkey arrangements where they handle each part of the plan interaction from beginning to end.